IPC Residence

Terms & Conditions

1. We only serve order which is received H-5. PO should be received no later than H-5.
2. PO sheet must be signed by an authorized officer and company stamp.
3. Cancellation:

  • H-4 will be charged 50% of the total payment.
  • H-3 will be charged 75% of the total payment.
  • H-2 will be charged 100% of the total payment.

4. Additional Fee/Cost:

  • Early C/I before 14:00 incur an additional fee of 25%.
  • Late C/O after 15:00 incur an additional fee of 50%.
  • Late C/O after 18:00 incur an additional cost of 100%

5. Others:

  • IPC Corporate University is not responsible for any lost items of all participants.
  • In case of damage or loss to property of IPC Corporate University, we reserves the right to impose a fine in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Not allowed to take meal from outside the IPC Corporate University.
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