Title                  : Elements Of Port Operation And Management

Author             : Alan E Branch

Publisher        : Chapman and Hall

Publish Year  : 1986

ISBN                 : 978-94-010-8313-3

This book is written to provide a practical overall understanding of the elements of port practice and the management of a competitive, profitable port authority. It deals in simple language with the salient commercial, operating and political aspects of the subject, with particular emphasis on economics and port management. In so doing the book is written not only for the student of the subject, but also for port executives throughout the world. Particular emphasis is placed on the need to strive for complete professionalism in all areas of port operation and management as a means of providing a viable high quality service to sustain and expand international trade passing through the port. This book will help towards establishing that professionalism

The book will be useful to students taking seaport,interntional trade, cargo-handling and transport examinations under the aegis of the Institute Chartered Shipbrokers, the Institute of Freight Forwarders, the Institute of Export, the Institute of Export, the Institute of Transport Administration, etc. The book will also assist students or port executives taking a short seapot course.

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